California’s SPECIALIST In Dispensing Medications For Workers’ Comp, Personal Injury And Victims of Crime

NATIONAL PHARMACY Is A Full-Service, Retail And Mail Order Pharmacy That Specializes In Dispensing Medications For Injured Workers, Personal Injury, and Victims of Crime.  100% of our focus is supporting the medication needs of these groups as we know how difficult and costly it can be for them to find Rx support through most retail pharmacies.

In addition, as licensed Custom Compounding facility (through PCCA /, we can provide their treating physicians with a variety of medication options and solutions – to be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to traditional medications – to aid in their recovery.  Custom Compounded medications are only dispensed through a licensed prescriber-issued Rx order.

OUR MISSION is to support the needs of our target patient population by providing them with a responsible, reliable, efficient and hassle-free resource to fill their medication orders with the ultimate goal of assisting their recovery and helping them get back to their normal lives.  Without any cost to the patient.


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We are committed to supporting the needs of our target patient population by efficiently processing their prescriber-issued medication order and rushing it to them.  Or, local customers are welcome to pick up their medications at our convenient retail location.

Licensed To Compound

We are a licensed Compounding facility through PCCA ( which allows us the flexibility to customize medications for the Workers’ Compensation patient’s specific treatment needs.

Alternative Treatment Options For Physicians

Through the practice of Compounding, we can provide physicians with a variety of alternative treatment options beyond those of typical therapies to treat their patients with special needs or chronic pain.

We Are A Full-Service Pharmacy Dispensing ALL Medications!

As a full-service pharmacy, we offer a complete line of all medications – not just custom compounds.  National Pharmacy is a complete medication solution for Injured Workers!

Are Custom Compound Medications FDA-Approved?

Compound medications are customized according to a physician’s direction for each individual patient.  As a result, there are an infinite number of combination possibilities and therefore not possible to undergo the FDA’s lengthy and expensive drug approval process for each one.

However, all compounding pharmacies must comply with the rules and regulations set by the State Board of Pharmacy (state within which the pharmacy is located).

The medications and other ingredients used by compounding pharmacies to create custom compounds must originate from FDA-registered and inspected facilities, such as PCCA (

National Pharmacy has been certified and is licensed by PCCA.

Please submit any questions about compounding or our operation to email hidden; JavaScript is required

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