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National Pharmacy is a full-service, Retail pharmacy specializing in dispensing all medications for Workers’ Compensation patients.  We do this responsibly, efficiently and with no out-of-pocket expense to the patient.

In addition, we are a licensed Compounding pharmacy through PCCA ( which provides us the flexibility to customize medications according to your direction to treat your patients’ specific needs.





Submit orders through your Surescript-certified EMR system – select “National Pharmacy” from the list of providers.  National Pharmacy is proud to be apart of the Surescript network – most popular EMR systems are already certified.

Print out our fully customizable Rx order form (below), write in your order, sign and submit. We will work with you to update with those medications you commonly prescribe including any custom compounds.

Your office or patients are welcome to mail the hardcopy order to us.

Medication Orders will be efficiently processed and rushed to the patient.  Generic medications are immediately processed and shipped on a Lien*.


Custom Transdermal Medications

Customizing medications, better known in the Industry as “Compounding”, is a traditional practice that can provide you with another world of effective treatment options.

We offer a variety of unique custom combination creams, gels and sprays to treat an injury or chronic pain topically, and we will work with you on any special combinations outside of those that we commonly dispense.  Compounds can be especially beneficial to patients suffering from Chronic Pain.

For a comprehensive list of our most popular custom combinations, please contact us @ email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Unique Combination Capsules

As an alternative to medications in tablet form, we offer a variety of combination capsules, many of which are unique to our pharmacy, and the ingredients and dosages have been fine tuned through years of research and consulting with Orthopedic, Pain Management and General Practice physicians.

These medications are offered strictly and always through a physician’s direction.  We find that many patients prefer capsules as they can be easier to swallow and faster acting.

Combination capsules that we most often dispense treat a variety of conditions including :

Migraine Headaches
Chronic Pain
Aid in Joint and Cartilage Repair
And, more...

We Dispense Generic Medications (including custom compounded medications) immediately at NO COST.

All Generic medications for Workers’ Comp are dispensed immediately, so there is no waiting for your patients.

Commonly, Workers’ Compensation patients run into frustrating road blocks when filling medication orders at an average retail pharmacy.

Our ability to dispense Generic medications on a lien provides your patients with an extraordinary and deserved service, and allows them to receive their medications as soon as possible.

Offer To Physicians:  Evaluation

If you are unfamiliar with compound transdermal or capsule medications as a compliment or possible replacement to common tablet medications, we can provide you with samples of any combinations to evaluate.

In addition, we will be happy to provide you with any other information you need to make a decision on compound medications as an option for your patient’s treatment.

Please email us your request to email hidden; JavaScript is or call 1.800.994.8990 and we will be in touch to discuss.

You may also register via our web site.

fax us your prescription

* Our ability to dispense medications is contingent on the specific medication and other factors such as the authorization requirements per state.  We will contact all parties involved directly if there are any issues that prevent us from dispensing.  In most cases, Name Brand medications will ALWAYS REQUIRE AUTHORIZATION before dispensing.